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Anthony Lolli rose from humble beginnings to become a wildly successful real estate investor, developer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

The son of an Ecuadorian immigrant and a first-generation Italian American WWII veteran-turned-schoolteacher, Anthony grew up poor in Brooklyn, NY. At 19, he obtained his real estate license. By 23 he was a millionaire.


Investor/ Developer/ Consultant / Mogul

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"From the day I started Rapid Realty, I wanted to make a difference..."

Anthony grew up poor, but that's never stopped him from helping those less fortunate. Both independently and through Rapid Realty, Anthony has supported numerous wonderful organizations throughout the New York area and beyond. Today, he is always looking for opportunities to give back to the community, and he encourages everyone he works with to do the same.

As a franchisor and mentor, Anthony has introduced a new generation of young entrepreneurs to the importance of giving back. Like Anthony, many of Rapid Realty's franchisees came from disadvantaged backgrounds and put their life savings into starting a business. Following his example, they have made charity and community service a top priority, and get their agents involved, as well.


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